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Customized Water Treatment Services

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Keeping water treatment systems up-to-date with preventive maintenance is an intelligent investment in your organization and your people, as well as an effective way to keep energy and equipment costs down. 

Whether you’re seeking treatment solutions for cooling towers, boilers, and wastewater systems or are simply concerned about water hardness, we’re here for you. Our water treatment products and services are designed to meet your specific goals.

steam boiler

Steam Boiler Heating and Process Systems

No more worrying about corrosion, scale, or deposits. We apply the ideal water chemistry that extends your boiler’s longevity while promoting its efficiency.

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Hot Water Heating Systems

Closed hot water heating systems require corrosion protection. Whether yours is little or massive, we will visit your site to customize chemical treatment solutions that work for you.

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Chilled Water Systems

Cooling requirements are unique and call for specialized maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Whether you have a small or large-sized chilled water system, we can provide the proper corrosion inhibitor package.

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Cooling Tower Systems

Extending the life of your cooling tower system while keeping costs low starts with preventive maintenance chemicals that protect from scale, corrosion, and microbiological activity.

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Waste Water Treatment Systems

Geen’s specialty wastewater treatment chemicals help provide clean, compliant water. We tailor each specific chemical application to your system.

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Coil Cleaners

We can provide speciality chemicals for cleaning heat exchangers and coils to keep your equipment running efficiently.

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Specialty Chemicals

We have extensive expertise in specialty chemicals for any industrial, commercial, or institutional facility. As one of the leading specialty treatment chemical suppliers in the Chicago area, we take pride in developing customized formulations that deliver excellent results.